Diane Givens - Has been appointed as Buried with Dignity's Community Development Coordinator!

I am the Founder & CEO of MERGE 360 MEDIA & Blindsided Apparel
and the Operations Director of Blindsided Magazine.

I have over 20 years of customer service experience and over 8 years of sales experience.
I am a graduate of Capella University where I earned my B.S. in Business Management
and where I got to know Maryann and BWD.
I will bring my business knowledge & experience in customer service & sales to help expand BWD.

I was born and raised in a small town in Virginia and I still live in my home town today. We were raised to be humble and to respect everyone. Those traits I still carry. The area where I live is nice and quiet and everyone knows everyone. Helping others has always been in my blood.

Iím a huge technology geek and a gamer. I love golf, basketball and swimming. Most of my time is spent with family and a few good friends. Iím as loyal as they come. I have worked hard my entire life to achieve an abundance of success. I donít have many goals in life as I live life one day at a time. I cherish my daily blessings like they are my last. Iím a faithful Christian and I have a very strong faith. Some call me an ďOld SoulĒ and honestly Iím not sure what that is.

I believe in hard work but I also believe in having lots and lots of fun. I have grown a lot over the years and have worked at many different places. Right now I work full time at a resort but Iím working to transfer full time into my other company.

So in short Iím just a humble, hardworking individual that enjoys helping others and seeing them become successful. Anytime I can lend a hand I do and do it with grace. Iím super excited about my journeys and look forward to many many more.

We welcome Diane as our Community Development Coordinator for Buried with Dignity and we are honored that she has accepted to serve the community to the best of her ability. Diane has some mad social media expertise and is planning on tapping into those skills to reach out into the community and help us bring in corporate sponsors for Buried with Dignity.

Thank you Diane... God Bless You and WELCOME ABOARD! We are so proud and blessed to have you in our family here at Buried with Dignity!


Maryann Coberly - Founder / President
David Coberly - VP