<BGSOUND src="/cgi-bin/Josh.mp3"> Maryann Coberly * Friday 08/02/19 01:16:35 AM * maryannhelps@gmail.com * We shall miss you terribly Chelsey. Now you are in Heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and also your sister Coleen Marie. The rest of your family and ours is up there with you such as Aunt Margie. We will see you soon one day "KIDDO" as Daddy called You! Love Daddy and MarMom *
Maryann * Sunday 4/16/17 07:30:30 AM * maryannhelps@gmail.com * Happy Easter my daughter, and my sister Margaret and my cousin Dottie. We are without all of you here down on this thing they call earth. How can I say this....You are all so very very much missed. Now, you are with the Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever. Now you are 3 Angels, looking down on all of us. Wow....just think...one day we will all be together talking to Jesus....WOW ...that just blows my mind. All of you are so so so so missed and loved. Margie...Mandy and Gary are doing as best as they can without you around anymore....and Dottie...we did what you wished, yours and Johns ashes are buried underneath that Apple Tree that you wanted to have your final resting place. My precious daughter, you asked to have your ashes sprinkled all over the waters of Florida, so we rented a charter boat and the children and David and I did what you asked us to. Rest now you 3 ladies and know that we love and miss all 3 of you so much! Just me....M & D
Maryann * Saturday 12/26/15 11:23:09 AM * maryannhelps@gmail.com * December 25,2015 Merry Christmas to our daughter Coleen from Mommy, David and the Kids. It has now been three years and 9 months since you went to be with the Lord. We love you so much Coleen and now my sister, your Aunt Margie is by your side also. This has been the saddest Christmas that I could ever imagine. Nobody was over our home, it was just David and I and we cried from the silence. Very still and quiet as the clock rolled over to midnight on Christmas Day. Happy Birthday Jesus I said, and than I whispered something to you my little one and your Aunt Margie. Merry Christmas to you and your Aunt and you were both very very much missed this year by David and I. Christmas is not the same as it use to be without you both here. We love you beyond words and soon one day we will be there with you and the rest of the family. Memory Christmas to our Family in Heaven, both of our Moms and Dads and the rest of the family and friends that have left us, we love you all! Love you more ....Mommy and David Coberly *
Maryann Coberly * Saturday 08/29/15 06:15:33 PM * We have collected $83.97 so far for Quonta Danyell Howard's funeral costs and Memorial Stone! Thank you to all of the donators and also a special thank you to Director Travis Copenhaver who is a Tastefully Simple Independent who ran a fundraiser...and collected $23.97 towards helping our current family! These funds along with the $60 will be going towards Quonta's memorial stone first and when that is paid off all of the remainder of the donations will go directly to the funeral...director...Donald Alexander..thank you everyone!
Maryann * Wednesday 08/19/15 07:15:37 PM * ~Maryann~ 8/19/2015 We are trying to help the family of Quonta Danyell Howard. He was a very young man that passed away on August 4th 2015. His Mother Darlene is a single Parent and she needs our help! We are asking everyone in the community to please pull together to help this family to bury their son. Darlene needs our help. Buried with Dignity is asking everyone that stops by to visit the website to please help this family by making a donation in their sons honor and memory! On the front page there is a donation button. The funeral costs alone are going to cost $5720.00. The memorial stone will be another $650 for a total of $6370. Please find it in your hearts to help this family, please! Darlene wants to thank everyone that is helping her to give her son. We will be posting the document that shows the funeral costs. Thank you everyone for helping this family and may GOD Bless each one of you! From all of us here at Buried with Dignity...together WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! Our Motto is that "NO PARENT SHOULD HAVE TO BURY A CHILD" and to this we now add "ALONE"!
Maryann * Thu Dec 11 5:08PM 2014 * December 11, 2015 ~ Hello my precious little Angels. I hope all of you know how much Mommy and Daddy and the rest of the family and friends miss you? Here we are again another Christmas without you. It is so sad without you here to laugh with and joke with and just to hold you! I am and have been trying so hard to bring in donations for buried with dignity and I don't know why...but they are not coming in. They increased the cost of the memorial stones and I have been trying to get sponsors to sponsor just one family a year or more...but I guess it is because of the economy, nobody is helping with any donations nor can I get any sponsors right now. I am NOT GIVING UP!!!! IF I have to stand alone for all of your children that have passed away and those that are yet to pass away....I will never give up! I will trust that GOD will send the people to help with donations and sponsorships and that is that! Whisper in Gods ear little ones and tell him to hurry and send those special angels that will let us make a difference in some families lives when they lose a child. Ever since you left me Coleen...a big part of my heart died with you! I must admit that I was in a bad place for a very long time and I am still trying to crawl out of that dark and sad place. I wasn't totally focused on BWD but I am back now...better than ever and I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! I love you my baby girl and please feel me giving you the biggest and hardest hug and kiss on your cheek this Christmas and one day...we will be together again and nothing shall separate us or our love again! Rest now pumpkin and just know how much you are loved and missed by all of us! We love you more Col....Love always Mommy and the gang! :)
Maryann * Thu Nov 6 11:21PM 2014 * 11/7/2014 *Maryann - Well my precious daughter I just wanted to say that you are so missed! It is almost Thanksgiving (How you loved my turkey)....and soon it will be 3 years see I last saw your precious beautiful face. God only knows how my heart still aches to hold you again Coleen. I never ever thought that you would go to Heaven before me. That is so not right. I sure wish I could talk to you from up there just one time. Why oh why did GOD break my heart and take away the one person that I needed the most? You never went one day without calling me, or typing to me or something...I am so lonely without you Coleen, do you know this? My mind goes over your entire life day by day, year by year...beginning to end like a movie and I still can not believe that your not ever coming back to me again. Wow...this is so wrong ...this is just not the norm. I love you and I miss you MORE then you could ever imagine and so do your children! They cry for you, they long for you just as I do...rest now baby girl for I will see you soon one day! Love you More and Forever...Mommy <3
Linda Stevens * I have had the Pleasure today and Blessed Moments to meet Maryann ,the Beautiful Mom of Coleen. Her Love she Shared with me Today for her Beautiful Family has Touched My Heart Forever. I send all my Thoughts, Prayers and Love to MaryAnn and her family.
Maryann * ~*~June 22nd 2014~*~ Hello everyone. Well we have some new news to report. We appointed Travis as one of our Directors. We also appointed Liz as our Promotional and Fundraising Manager. Maddy is a personal friend of mine and she lives in Florida...she is now our new "Good Will Ambassador". We will be appointing another Director soon because Rhonda has decided to step down for now as one of our original Directors. Thank you Rhonda for being a part of this Non Profit Foundation and for your love and dedication. We shall miss you Rhonda, God Bless you and your daughter Shannon's son Dilon, your grandson. So be prepared as we step it up folks to hold some fundraising very soon. I was quite absent since my daughter Coleen's leaving us and joining our Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven. We are also moving to Florida at which time we will be announcing some more important and exciting updates...GOD BLESS YOU ALL and please KEEP BURIED WITH DIGNITY AND THE STAFF IN YOUR PRAYERS DAILY ..thanks Maryann and the rest of the crew!!!
Maryann * 4/20/2014 Easter Day....Hello my precious children on our site who are now GOD's Little Angels.... And my Angel Coleen....Happy Easter to all of you! How awesome is it for all of you to be sitting in Heaven with Jesus for Easter? I can't even imagine how beautiful it must be. We all miss each of you so much. We love each of you with every aching bone in our bodies....So much time has passed, so many tears have been shed for each of you...and why do we cry? We are crying for ourselves because we miss you all so terribly much! All of us mothers and fathers just want to hear your voice one more time, or kiss your face just one more time, or maybe just hold you in our arms...just one more time! Rest in Peace all of our Angels and tell Jesus Happy Easter and thank you for the resurrection and for opening the doors to heaven for all to walk through one day! WE LOVE YOU KIDS and WE LOVE YOU JESUS!! Happy Easter to each of OUR ANGELS!!! Big Hug and Kisses...Love Your Mommy and Daddy
~*Mommy*~ * My baby....my precious precious baby Coleen...tonight is the night you left us and went to heaven....Oh Baby girl if you only only knew how much I so miss you. Just the gentle sound of your laughter, your so infectious smile Coleen...I you only knew....how crushed I am at your absence. I thought you would be at my bedside when I was very old and I would be telling you not to cry....but as GOD would have it I stood at your bedside and watched you suffer and then die and go to GOD. I wanted to go with you on this day Coleen. You were my best friend, you were not just my daughter ....I waited for your calls, I laughed at your emails...why I would tell you my deepest secret while you told me yours. I miss your calling me up pretending to be Madia...omg how funny was that? The stories you would tell me about you and Dan and the wave runner. Oh Coleen, when I get to heaven you better be the next person after GOD greeting me. I am so sorry I was not there with you on the day you left us Coleen....I know that you understand, please give me a sign that you are alright Coleen, let me remember our pledge that we made to each other about how we would let the other one know we were ok. I love and adore and miss you. I forgive you for any wrong thing you ever said or did. I would give anything just to hold you in my arms once last time. To just see that smile, to hear that laughter coming from you. I will just have to wait until GOD brings me home one day. I love you beyond MORE.....I miss you beyond yesterday....I will always keep your spirit and name alive and remember that I need for you to give baby hope a kiss from us ok? Good Night my baby girl....We love you more than life itself Coleen.... sigh.... 3/23/2014 Saturday...Love Mommy, David, your babies and your sister Sherry and Aunt Margie...Sleep with the Angels honey.
~*~Maryann~*~ Born 3-12-70 Went to heaven 3-23-12 * 3-12-14 Happy Birthday Coleen my precious baby girl. You are by far the prettiest Lady in Heaven! I miss you so much Col....my GOD when is this pain going to stop!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you More...Mommy & David
Maryann * *2-6-12 This was around the time I went to Florida to get you baby girl and bring you home so that you could get well. It kills me inside to know that you had that liver transplant and yet you still did not make it. A thousand times I go over this and over this in my mind as to why GOD took you from me. I miss you so badly that my stomach hurts just thinking about you Coleen. I wish GOD took me instead of you....you were too young to leave all of your babies and your Mommy and David and your only sibling your sister Sherry...Oh Coleen I was waiting with so much happiness in knowing that Cory and Giselle were having your first grandbaby....and this would have been my first Great Grandchild...when he cried on the phone about losing his baby and that he really wanted this baby...I just wanted to die myself...I wanted so badly to wrap my arms around him and her and hug the both of them and I told them that their child was now with Grandmom...YOU....and that you will take great care of their baby who is now your first grandchild. We miss you so much Col and that will never ever change....Love you more...Mommy and David and Syd, Maris, EJ, Cory and Sister Sherry and your new daughter in law Giselle.
Maddy Knox * OMG, first of all I just LOVE the songs your playing, Maryann, Coleen is soooooooo beautiful. I will always see her with her wings protecting all she loved......this is one beautiful site and you can be sure I will do what I can to help. Love you girl
Maryann ~ December 3, 2013 To all of the Parents that have come to us, please don't give up the Faith. I am working on trying to get a grant from my employer so that we can help all of you! Times are financially tough right now for everyone, and it isn't that people don't care....because they sure do care!!! It is just really hard to donate anything right now when they are hurting themselves just to survive. I am here for everyone of you and your are all in our prayers daily. Our daughter nor any of the other children died in vane. They are ALIVE in all of us each and everyday! Try to remember the happy and wonderful memories your son or daughter left you....I know your heart feels as if it has been ripped out of your chest, I know those endless nights of tears that seem like it will never stop. I also lost my daughter...so I KNOW...what pain feels like from having your son or daughter taken from your lives. There is no other pain as horrible as this pain...none! We are all here to help each other so don't give up. IF anyone wants to hold a fundraiser and donate the funds to BWD please do and GOD BLESS YOU! All Donations can be made on the website and we thank each and everyone of you that has helped in the past. We Need Your Help now! Please keep BWD and the Staff in your prayers and All of our Moms and Dads and other family members as well, so that we can give closure to each one of these families that have waited so long for our help! Thank you all and GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU!...
Kathleen Kade * I lost my daughter. 1 year ago. I know what it is like to try to get money together for the services. My sons work donated some money to the funeral home and some other people. But as of right now my daughter does not have a tombstone. She left behind a 3 month oldbaby so my money went to the laywer for custody of the baby. Never ever imagined this would happen to me. It is the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent. I still have a problem accepting it. I cry about it on a daily basis. Thanks for listening.
Maryann~ March 12th 2013 * Happy Happy Birthday my baby girl. I know this has to be the best birthday ever because you are out of pain and suffering for the first time in many years. Coleen ...we miss you so much. This is the place I come to when I need to cry and just weep. I long to just hold you in my arms again and kiss your cheek and just look into those pretty eyes. What will I do without you year after year Coleen? I miss your telephone calls each day and you telling me or me telling you that we love you MORE lol...a race to see who could get it out first. Marissa has a great job now Coleen and I know how proud you are of all your babies....Cory is going to Africa and he is frightened so really watchover him from heaven and bring him back to us, tell GOD ok? :) and then our blessed EJ....he is the funny guy who keeps us laughing, just like grandma lol...and Mommy and we celebrated both his and your birthdays tonight because I could not just be here alone on your BD without you or a peice of you! We had a nice night....and now for your baby girl Sydney. She poured out her heart on FB for the first time since you have been gone. She so misses laying down next to you and helping to take care of you Coleen....she told her siblings that you asked her to remind them that they need to have each others backs....she told them just how much she is so lonely and lost without you Coleen, I cried my heart out when I read her words. Hug her tight from heaven and let her feel that hug, kiss her good night on her cheek so that she can recognize that it is her Mommmys kiss saying good night or hello...oh GOD made a mistake when HE took you from all your children and you Momma. I just can't wait until I get up there so I can have that talk with HIM face to face. Well we hope that you know how much you are missed and how much WE ALL LOVE YOU MORE!!! Mommy, Sherry, David, Marissa, EJ, Cory and Sydney and Patty and Carol too... R.I.P. Baby girl my little pumpkin!
~*~Maryann~*~ 1/3/2013 Hello my little pumpkin. This Christmas came and went away without you this year! This has been the worse year of my life and I am glad that 2012 is gone and over. I know how much you love Christmas Coleen and so in honor of you not being here, we didn't celebrate it to much at all. I mean we KNOW that the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus's birthday so that part we celebrated. Without you....it wasn't the same and we were all sad without you coleen. I wish I could talk to you one last time, I wish I could hold you one last time. My baby, my daughter...I pray that you are happy now beyond anything I or anyone else could comprehend! you are so loved Coleen, you are so missed.....I wait for the day when the Lord brings me home to heaven and then and only then can I see all of my loved ones again FOREVER!!!! Until that day comes, always remember how much WE LOVE YOU Sweet Daughter. Hugs and Kisses and never forget who loves YOU MORE!!! <3 Momma and David and the kids
Maryann * October 16th, 2012 * My Precious precious baby... omg I so miss you honey... I could never explain this to anyone Col how many times I call out your name, how many times I reach for the telephone to call you, or walk into your bedroom here and remember you showing me how much weight you lost. Oh Coleen, I will never in a gazillion years accept losing you! I know this was GOD's Plan but it certainly was NOT MINE... I am angry, I am lonely without you, I am so sad Col... so many times I hear your laughter, you silliness when you were not so sick. The phone calls where you would start the conversation with "HELLER" like Tyler Perry... Oh Col...Col... I feel as though everyone else has just gone on with their lives and yet I stand here missing you more and more each day that you are not with us anymore. Is it nice in Heaven Col? Isn't it just like Mommy told you it would be? God kept his promise Coleen and HE took you from pain and suffering... to heaven where you are no longer in pain and you are in a new body. My baby my baby... sometimes I just cry myself to sleep from missing you Coleen. Sometimes I am angry at GOD and the WORLD, for having to go through this... you suffered the intial pain and now I am suffering so badly from a broken heart and from missing your hugs, kisses and your voice. For you, the pain is over Col... now you smile, laugh and share so much in heaven with our family and GOD, for me the pain has only just begun. There is a hole in my heart that nothing ever again will fill my precious little pumpkin. I love you more than life Col... and I so miss you honey. Happy Holidays to you my little one. I KNOW you miss your children and the rest of us too. One day Col, one day... we will all be together again... that is a promise from GODs heavenly Bible, to each of us! Rest in peace my precious daughter... Love you More! Mommy
Maryann * March 23rd 2012 * Tonight at 8:30pm we lost our Coleen. OMG I am so empty Coleen. I don't think that David and I will ever get over losing you! Not to mention how much pain your sister Sherry is going through and all of your Children. Oh Baby girl, no more pain and suffering for you honey no more!! Coleen I am so proud of you!!! What a fighter you were to live for your babies. Coleen if it takes forever I can't tell you enough times of how very much I love you and thank you for being my daughter! Thank you Coleen for the many laughs....the tears ....the funny stories you shared with me....thank you for wanting to help Mom and Dave while you lived with us as the 3 of us faced your illness together. You were supposed to be here Coleen this coming week! You were supposed to come home and heal baby girl....what Happened GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch over my baby GOD, hold her in your arms and let her know how much WE all will miss her! Coleen we shared together so many things....please please sweetheart rest in peace now ok? No more pain and suffering ever again baby girl no more hurts or sorrows, no more bad things honey only happiness and a NEW BODY with GOD and being in heaven I want to be with you honey.....One day we shall be together and nobody will separate us again. Love you forever and a day....just me Momma and David and the Kids and your sister Sherry who loves you very much!
Tabitha McClure * Maryann, I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to leave a comment. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you & everyone at BWD for making this possible for our daughter, Sophia Grace. Without your help, and the help of all our donators, our baby would not have the stone she deserves. You all hold a very special place in my heart. I will never forget all that you guys have done to make this possible. I hope you're able to help the rest of the families in need of a stone for their children. You're such a kind, sweet, caring, and ever so loving woman. I am grateful to know you! Once again, thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart! Sophia Grace, we love and miss you more and more with each passing second. Keep watching out for us, and continue to give us little signs that even though you're in Heaven, you're not far away at all. WE LOVE YOU!!
Maryann * January 13, 2012 Hello My Precious Little Angels....Well another year has passed and I need for all of you to know that because of all of YOU....we were able to help 3 families!! Donavon I kept my word to you sweetheart and Baby Hope. We have had some amazing people come forward and give their last dollar to help BWD. Hey Kids....did you know how very much WE MISS ALL OF YOU?????? Your Mommy and Daddies miss you the most and I know that all of you know this because you are all watching over All of us down here. If I could lay down my own life that GOD would return each of you to your Mommies and your Daddies I would so glady do that, but God said no on that idea. Rest our little Angels, laugh, smile, be happy as children should be. Know only happiness while you sit by the side of God and know that I will continue to do what God has set out for me to do. I have a long way to go because we have to help 17 more families and we need donations badly. Can you little Angels whisper in Gods ear and ask him to please hurry and send those funds so that we can help these families ok? Thank you Donavon, Shannon, Kedan, Crystal, Baby Hope, Matthew, Ali Lynn, Sophia Grace, Mahkaylah Marie, David and baby Abryanna... Happy New Year Children...you are so missed, so much, by so many....We ALL love each of you so much...Rest now baby Angels...and watch over your families now with God's help....<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <---these are hearts for each one of you :)
Caroline Corcoran * lovely page and great gift
Veronica Kriebel Drelling * What amazing work you do. Sophia Graces Memorial stone is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks doesn't cover the words I want to say!!! We miss our little girl But she has a large job watching over this family!!!
Kathi * Dear Mar, What a beautiful person you are....You've touched my heart with your organization and I will be honored to help you spread your message to help families stricken with sorrow. I have spoken with my sister, Carole, asking her to pass the word through L'Oreal and will be sending this site to my friends and family to make them aware of what you are doing. I will do my best to be a part of your mission. Love you always, Kathi
Barbara Green * Maryann I am so thankful for all that u do for everyone involved with Buried With Dignity! I myself have never lost a child but I know many who have and it still breaks my heart. It is wonderful that these precious little angels will get their stones. They and their families deserve it. God bless all of you at Buried With Dignity and bless all the families that have lost a child.
Lisa Anna Bull * You are doing an incredible thing for those in need of pure Love. Thank you for what you have done for these people and those that are up ahead that will be awaiting your kindness and humble grace. God Bless You and May You Always Have Love Light & Joy in Your Heart~ Lisa Anna Bull Zaisho Services www.braveheartwomen.com/zaisho
Maryann * 7/6/2011 Well it has been an interesting year...We are now collecting donations for Baby Sophia. Her Mommy Tabitha and Daddy Angel are wonderful people and we need everyone's help with donations so that this precious baby is blessed with the memorial stone that her Mommy and Daddy want for her! Please find it in your heart to help us to reach our goal for this precious Baby Sophia and thank you! GOD BLESS OUR DONATORS BECAUSE WITHOUT THEIR HELP WE COULD NEVER HELP ANYONE!
* Our Prayers tonight go out to a little 9 year old child named Skylar Kauffman from Souderton, Pa who was abducted and killed and dumped in a dumpster, like yesterdays trash! What kind of society are we living in Lord that you would even allow anyone to hurt an innocent child. Lord I pray now for the Parents of little Skylar and I ask you to comfort them as this beautiful little girl was the ONLY child they would ever have Father. Dear God in heaven I could not even imagine the pain and suffering this Mother and Father are going through at this time...so keep the prayers coming for this family and if anyone is moved to help with a donation for Skylar then Thank you so much....Everyone at BWD
Rhonda * Hello everyone, My name is Rhonda, and Shannon (her picture is on the top of the comments page) is my daughter. She was 21 years old when she died in 2007. My heart goes out to all of you who have lost a child! There isn't a worse feeling than losing one of your own children. I wish I could tell you that as time goes by, it gets easier. I don't know if that is the word that I would use to describe it, maybe that it gets "more tolerable". You start to accept it a little better and somewhat get used to the idea of not having your child right beside you every day. Either way, there is no good way to put it, but you can make it thru it. You have already made a huge step in the right direction by contacting Buried With Dignity and meeting Maryann. She has to have the most warm heart of anyone that I know! God truly put her in the right place when she started this charity. Again, my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to each and every one of you who have such a sad reason to be here. Much love and God Bless you all, Rhonda
Maryann * ~ March 26, 2011 ~ Wow kids...we are finally helping families to have some closure. Thank GOD for the donators because without them, this would never be possible. I sit here everyday and I pray over all of you little Angels....I sit here and stare into your faces and just cry....I am a Mother with a very very ill daughter right now, who may be joining you one day soon or maybe GOD will just let her live a long while yet....only GOD knows....but I promised all of you especially You DONAVON GREEN that I would not stop moving forward until I had a Non Profit Foundation set up and running and here we are almost coming into our 2nd new year of existance....Thank you GOD for people who cared enough to donate and help us...Please Lord Bless each one of them...and Please Father help send more people our way to help these 18 families that we have to help yet. GOD BLESS EACH of YOU CHILDREN, DONATORS, and my husband for putting up this website for Buried with Dignity! Love Maryann Coberly :)
~*~Maryann~*~ February 4th 2011 Please can everyone that is visiting this site leave the parents some encouraging words? Say a prayer or just let the parents know what is truly on your hearts, they really need to hear your kind words for their loss on their precious daughter or son! Thank you Everyone for taking the time out to come onto our site and for all of you sharing your words of HOPE for these Moms and Dads....GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU!!
Maryann * January 12th 2011 Hello Kids...you special little Angels...Happy New Year and may God be merciful to all of the families this year, that are about to lose their child. Kids, I am growing weary of anyone helping us to make BWD a successful resource for these families to come to in their hour of sorrow. I will not give up....I started this Foundation with God at my side and HE still stands at my side. May 2011 be the year of Miracle Donations....and that my hope is that others start feeling the passion of WHY BWD is even here. It has been a really hard and tough journey trying to get others to step up to the plate of helping BWD. Kids, don't worry ok....I have a lot of FAITH and I BELIEVE that GODS word is true when he says, "to be still and KNOW that I AM GOD" I feel something big coming our way....I pray each day and night that GOD will Bless us with the funds to help all of these families that come to us! Our Dear Heavenly Father...please Lord Bless BWD with enough funds that we can help these 15 families that have been patiently waiting...Father please help us to make this happen soon. I will be donating a portion of my Social Security Checks...each month until we finally will have enough for these 15 families Lord. Send us some people Lord that have the ability to financially make a difference in whether or not these families will all get a Memorial Stone for their child and soon...Thank you Father...we love you Amen!
President of BWD * Maryann ~*~ December 28th 2010 ~*~ MERRY CHRISTMAS ANGELS!!! I am just sitting here thinking of each of you....God knows how much each and everyone of you are missed :( Listening to this song "I Can Only Imagine" I am just imagining what each of you are doing up there in heaven...Wow...it must be so beautiful. Well your Moms and Dads are still missing each of you very very much and so are your brothers and sisters and all of the rest of your families and friends. This is the time of the year that hearts really hurt without each of you here. Give a gentle kiss on the cheek to your Moms and Dads and siblings as they sleep and just whisper in Gods ears and ask him to please Bless Buried with Dignity soon with some serious donations ok kids? I am not giving up, I am donating a portion of my social security check each month just to make sure that these 15 families are helped. I tried to have 2 fundraisers this fall and as you all know they failed. This is a real bad economy right now and people are having a tough time financially, but I have a LOT of FAITH and I just KNOW that GOD is gonna Bless what I am doing to help the children that will pass on after all of you, and their families will be left without their child, and no way to pay for a Memorial Stone....to honor their childs name and memory, without our helping them, these parents and grandparents will have no place to mourn your absence, and your final resting place should be a place where your family and friends can come and pray, or whisper to you how much they miss you....just a quiet place for them to properly mourn your leaving and going to heaven. This is what gives your family some peace and starts the journey of the healing process. Please Father in Heaven ...I have been so patient, I have been so faithful, we need a miracle of donations to come in so I can finally help EACH of these 15 families Lord....I can't do this alone. However, I will if you ask me to...I will NOT QUIT!! I love each of these children, and I will make sure that each of them are remembered and as BWD grows, it will be because of each of them, and all of the wonderful people who have helped us with donations. Bless each of our donators Father...all of the Many friends of mine from GoN that donated, all of the people from the Quarter Mania that Lisa had for us...Bless Travis for his hard work in putting our name out there in a school Newspaper Father....what a Blessing this Eagle Scout is to BWD and my friend Liz for all of her help when we did the Walmart Bake sale....didn't make much but got our name out there :) Also to each of the Vendors that donated gifts for our Postponed Masquerade Ball, Thank you Each of You. I look forward to a much better year in 2011 financially for BWD ...I just know Miracles of Blessings are coming our way! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!! R.I.P. Angels and again, know how very much you are all loved!! by GOD....me...and your families..Amen
Maryann * November 25th 2010 Happy Thanksgiving my precious little Angels!! All of you are very much missed by your Mom and Dad and sisters or brothers and the rest of your family and friends. Well another year has almost passed and still....I have not found a donator that will help the 15 families that have come to us for help. Please speak to GOD and ask him to send me this Angel that will donate the funds to help these families to bury their child with some dignity? Ask God to Please Bless BWD with supporters that want to put an end to any child not having the right to a proper burial!!! Thank you Lord for blessing BWD with so many wonderful and dedicated people like Liz, and Travis and my honey David and my sister Margo and myself....Lord we really need your help and I will remain firm in the belief that you are going to financially bless BWD and thank you GOD ....Amen
Maryann * Message is on October 26th 2010 ~ Harrah's (Chester, Pa) Fundraiser! NOVEMEBER 13th!!! From 10am until 4pm. Meeting at the WALMART SHOPPING CENTER on Rt 309 in QUAKERTOWN, PA. I am HOPING that this time the Community will step up to the plate and help Buried with Dignity make THIS FUNDRAISER a SUCCESS!! We have 15 families now needing our help and this WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF YOU DONATE OR SUPPORT OUR FUNDRAISERS!! Thank you so much everyone and hurry hurry hurry and get that Harrah's Bus Ticket purchased so you don't miss out!! We will have a Goody bag for everyone. We are doing a 50/50 and we are also holding some raffles!! The Perk is Harrah's will give you back $10 in Slot voucher and also a $5 a food voucher...so you already get back more than 1/2 of your money!! Tickets will be $25.... PLEASE Call us and join us for all the fun on the bus and at Harrah's!!! Thanks everyone :)
Maryann * October 17th 2010 ~ Well Children the Ball was a total failure. I tried really hard for this to be a great fundraiser, but the economy right now is really bad and people just could not afford to come to the Masquerade Ball! Does this mean I am a failure? No, it sure doesn't and here is the meaning of successful ~having attained wealth, position, honors, or the like....Am I trying to attain WEALTH? No Children I am not. We do need the funds to help other families, but I am not looking for WEALTH, I am looking for AWARENESS from the community. The rest of the definition for successful goes on to say position or honors...as far as I am concerned, I already have the position of being the President in charge of helping BWD to become a household name :) and honors.....WELL just in knowing all of you and your parents is honor enough for me!! Just the fact that BWD will one day be able to help each family to bury their child with dignity IS HONOR ENOUGH FOR ME!!! Our next fundraiser will be a great one and it is to HONOR all of the many ANGELS that are on their way to heaven to join you my little precious children. GOD BLESS ALL of you and your families as I persevere to march forward with all of the many fundraisers that I plan on having to help BWD reach this goal and dream of helping each and every parent that comes to us! Love you all kids...Maryann
Maryann * October 6th 2010 at 10:28pm Well the Masquerade Ball is scheduled for October 16th and we have to sell at least 50 tickets and so far we have sold only one! I do not understand? I do not know what has to happen before people get that losing a child, is the most painful loss on earth! What's it going to take to reach them? I have worked almost 5 long years to open the doors for buried with dignity to the community, to show them we are here, and we are here to help them through this horrible nightmare, and we will walk them through this and stay by their side all the way! But people, we need donations! We cannot do this alone, I have pleaded, begged, emailed, telephoned, put ads in the newspapers, on FaceBook, on MySpace, on Twitter, reach out as far as I can reach out.... For the very very first time in my entire journey, I feel alone. I feel as though I want to just shout this from a Mountain, so that all in the Valley could hear my voice.."Please in the name of GOD help us with donations so we can help these families have some "closure." I will NEVER GIVE UP! IF I have to go out and get 3 jobs at the age of 63 to help these families ALL BY MYSELF, I will NEVER GIVE UP HELPING THEM. Would you like to know why? BECAUSE I AM one of those Parents who lost 2 babies, I feel their pain, I know the sleepness nights, the tears that fill up a pillow, the yearning to have that child back in the worst way....I KNOW THIS PAIN. Truthfully, UNTIL you have lost a child, you can not even IMAGINE what a nightmare this is. Take a good hard long look into the eyes of these kids, and then tell me that you STILL can't find it in your hearts to help with a small donation? We do not have a child to outlive that child. We DO NOT go out and purchase Insurance on our children when they are born, that is NOT THE NORM!! Think about it? Please for the love of GOD help with a donation so that we can help these families that have been waiting for months!! Please? Give up that extra pack of smokes, or that pretty blouse you want to buy, or that movie ticket you want to buy, if everyone just helped with $10.00 this would be wonderful. We have 1983 visitors to this site, and just think if each of them donated $10 we would have $19,830 dollars and that would have been more than plenty to put a Memorial Stone on these childrens gravesite. Please people, open up your hearts and TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! I promise you, that you will feel like a Million Bucks, just knowing that you had a small part in helping these families have some closure already. Thank you so very much for any donation that you can give, thank you! GOD BLESS YOU! Keep us in your prayers!
Maryann * September 15th 2010 Well the Box Office is OPEN NOW for anyone wanting to purchase tickets for the Buried with Dignity 1st Annual Formal Masquerade Ball :) Click on the "Masquerade Ball" button for all of the information and click on the "Purchase Tickets" button to buy your tickets. Come on folks, this offer is to ANYBODY...what we are doing is we are offering ANYONE that sells 9 tickets to the ball they can get the 10th ticket FREE for themselves as a thank you!! So sell sell sell them hot tickets LOL.....See you at the Masquerade Ball and don't forget to wear your masks :) ALSO up until September 30th any tickets sold by September 30th will go into a SPECIAL RAFFLE ONLY for those people who bought their tickets BY that date! So whatcha Waitin for folks? LOL...
* Septmeber 3, 2010 Friday ~ This is a message to the community. This is a Non Profit Foundation that I have started to Honor these children. As a Community WE have an obligation to these families that lose a child! This tragedy can touch your home or mine at any given time! I am urging you to please stand with me and make a donation to help these 10 families that are patiently waiting for our help. Purchase a Masquerade Ball ticket and come and see these parents, close up, and just watch the gentle thank you in their eyes....listen to them open up their hearts to all of you.....and GOD BLESS anyone that is coming to the Masquerade Ball Fundraiser. Together we can MOVE MOUNTAINS and help each of these families....think about this....WHO OF US has a child and runs out and gets life insurance on them when they are born?????????????? NONE OF US! This is not the NORM for parents to do, and yet life has handed them a curve ball and they lost their child. So search your heart, look into the eyes of these children and please help us to help their families!! Thank you very much for your generosity and your kindness! YOU WILL BE BLESSED!! TO the many people that have supported Buried with Dignity....we humbly thank you for your constant encouragement and love and your support...Bless your lives and your families...Maryann, David, Rhonda, Sheila, Coleen, Sherrylynn, Bob and Liz
Maryann & Liz * September 2, 2010 ~ Special thank you to Ashley from Best Buy who is trying to sell 20 tickets for BWD ..thank you Ashley so much! We have a list...... of local merchants that believe in what I am trying to do to help these families and they are: Five Below- Special thanks for holding a 10% donation to BWD from the flier on my website that runs from Aug 22 - Sept 22. thanks so much! HalfNote - Donated a British Beanie Bear that is soooooo cute Thank you! Friendly's - Carol thank you for the dinner for two tickets you're a blessing! Dazzle Hair & Nail Studio - is donating a gift card. Thank you Jennifer! :) McCooles- Jan the manager is also donating a gift card for our raffles..Thank you Jan! Best Western Motor Inn said they would give our local guests 15% off the stay if they wanted to stay over night..the cost would be 88.00 for the night! Mens Warehouse Quakertown, Pa - Fred donated a gfit card for us to raffle Thank you Fred! :) Target - Manager Brock donated a gift card and I thank you Brock! :) Applebees - Liz' has a friend that is a manager there and they will be donating a gift card and also Liz will be getting a donation of items from the Phillies so thank you Liz!! :) So to all of these many vendors that believe in what Buried with Dignity is trying to do to help these many families, thank you very much! Now all we need are PEOPLE to PURCHASE their tickets!! Come on folks go online and secure your seating ASAP and thank you!
Maryann and Liz * August 8th 2010 ~ We are in need of Merchants, Vendors, Proprietors, that are willing to donate items or services for our 1st Annual Formal Masquerade Ball which will be on October 16th 2010 on Park Avenue in Quakertown, Pa from 7pm to 11pm EST. Please if anyone can help us with items to raffle or gift cards, or services that would be a Blessing for sure. Thank you to all of our donators, those who will be supporting us by coming to the Masquerade Ball, and for anyone that can help us with item(s) or service(s) to raffle off on this night. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU! Also for those who have kept us in your prayers thank you and GOD BLESS YOU and please continue to pray for BWD and our Masquerade Ball ok? Thanks ya all :) Maryann & Liz
Maryann & David * August 2, 2010 Monday ~ Well we worked very hard on our site and all the credit goes to a wonderful man that I am married to ...David :) I knew what I was looking for as far as appearance, and I found the children and he found the clouds and just like God brought David and I together, he did the same with the pictures and this site. Children, you are all probably dancing right now in God's little playground of happiness, to know that we are going to be holding our 1st Annual Formal Masquerade Ball on October 16, 2010. Donavon ....I PROMISED YOU ...that I would not stop until this Foundation has come full circle...Well all my special little angels, I believe that GOD is taking us down that path right now! I have met some very very wonderful Mothers and Fathers, that stand with me, to help other families that will have to walk this tragedy that your parents or grandparents had to endure. We love you Angels, so very very much and WE together as one big family now, miss the bajeebers out of all of you! Never a day goes by without your names and faces popping into our heads. So rest little angels, and know how much you are missed and loved down here on earth, and one day when the Lord brings us all home, we will all be together and never to part again! Thank you God for the roads you are taking BWD down. Thank you for the most wonderful people you have helped David and I meet and talk to. Thank God for opening one door after another. It took over 4 long years to get here, but I can honestly say that WE feel that we have finally arrived. Most of all God BLESS each and every single person who has donated even one single quarter towards helping BWD and let them know how very grateful WE are...Amen
Maryann * To my extra special Angel in disguise Liz! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are about to do to help Buried with Dignity! When I started this foundation Liz and Allyson, never ...ever did I think that GOD would send me such supportive and loving friends as the both of you. Liz no matter what I have asked from you....you always said YES...giving me one idea after the other. God I love you my precious friend! Allyson, you stepped clearly out of heaven and into my life, I will never be able to thank you enough for going to bat for me. YOU raised my spirits when we met, you stood firm in helping me, you shared with me the friends that you have lost in your life, for this I must say that I am so so sorry Allyson that even at your young age, you know this pain. But know this, they are with God now and they are looking down on you from Heaven. When you feel the sun warmly touches your cheeks, know that ...this is one of them gently caressing your cheek with a kiss...when you feel that cool breeze blowing through your hair, know that this is one of them ever so gently touching your life again in that moment. They are all around you Allyson, and they protect you each and everyday! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the both of you! What a Blessing you bring to my life Liz and Allyson!
Maryann * July 23, 2010~Well my little Angels, GOD has sent us Allyson. She works for Best Buy and she is helping us put together our biggest and best fundraiser yet! We are planning a Masquarade Ball sometime in October! I am going to try and bring 2 of the Moms to this affair so that they can see just how many people are supporting what we are all trying to do in their childs memory! God is opening doors precious Angels...and together in your HONOR we can help so many families that are going to be faced with this tragedy. These parents will then have Buried with Dignity to walk side by side with them, in YOUR MEMORY and HONOR. Donavon, I kept my word. Tug at God just a little and ask him to help me bring your Mom and Shannon's Mom here to Pa for this affair. This is my wish now, to have them stand up there with me in front of all of these people, who came out to support THEIR CHILDREN in the name of Buried with Dignity! I love each of you children so much. God Bless all of you ...now go rest kids..I have work to do to get this to come together...Night D Night Kedan Night Hope Night Shannon Night Crystal Night Ali Night Mahkaylah Night David E.
Lisa Lazowicki * Maryann, everything is set and everyone is excited about coming out to support Buried With Dignity at the Quarter Mania event next Friday 6/25 at 7pm at the Melody Lakes Mobile Home Park clubhouse in Quakertown! We have 11 (maybe 12) vendors lined up and ready to go! I've been getting calls from various people wanting to donate baskets for the special raffle we will be having! This event is going to be so much fun and it will be very successful for you and you will be able to help all the families in need! We will see you soon! If anyone would like more information about this event, please feel free to contact me at lalaz18041@comcast.net or call me at 610-413-3348. ~Lisa
Maryann * June 13, 2010 We are getting ready to have our 3rd Fundraiser for Buried with Dignity. Keep us in your prayers please! WE NEED HELP!! WE NEED People to step up to the plate and help us by giving us a donation. We can't help any families if we don't have the funding. Please, open your hearts and help us to help these families who have lost a child. I told GOD that I would work day and night helping families through their tragedies of losing a child, I also asked GOD to PLEASE NEVER let me have to say to a Parent that "We don't have any funds to help you with" This would crush me to pieces...So PLEASE give with an open mind, and I can promise you....YOU SHALL BE BLESSED BY GOD! Thank you everyone who has stepped up to the plate to help Buried with Dignity....GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU and remember to please keep Buried with Dignity and it's staff in your prayers each and every day. Thanks again...Maryann C. and Staff
~Maryann~ * May 7th 2010 Let me take this time to wish the children on my sites Mothers...a Godly Day...a day of peace and love...and comfort....May your Mothers Day remind all of you that your baby is in heaven now and is watching over each of YOU! No more can anything hurt them, no more can this earth touch them...they are Angels now sitting at the right hand of GOD. So let me wish each of you a Peaceful and Calming Mother's Day...and I love all of you, but then again, YOU ALL KNOW THAT!!! GOD BLESS each of you....Mother of Donavon~ Shiela, Mother of Shannon~ Rhonda, Mother of Kedan~Toot, Mother of Crystal Dale~ AJ and Mohter of Hope~ Coleen....Mother of Ali Lynn~ Laura and Mother of Mahkaylah~ Stephanie We Love Each of You and We are ALWAYS here for ALL the Moms and Dads....GOD BLESS!!
Kim Furman * I have always believed in you. I had always known you would make it happen and I know I can't do much BUT I will do whatever I can to help any time I can, including donating part of my sales on eBay and when you have items listed searching to shop with you first to help support Buried With Dignity. Something I know you put your heart and soul into and made happen and I KNOW you will continue to make it grow beyond even what your dreams imagine. God Bless Kim (aka)babyonboard8776 from forum we are on
Maryann, David, Rhonda, Shiela, Coleen, Sherrylynn * April 20th Tuesday...Open Letter to George, Scott and Pete...THANK YOU so very very much for BELIEVING in what I believed in from day one! Buried with Dignity is here to stay and it is here to give ALL Children that pass away the RIGHT TO BE BURIED WITH DIGNITY!!! I can't tell you 3 men how much my heart is bursting with love for the 3 of you for stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run for us tonight! I waited and worked so hard to make my Non Profit Foundation a success...it took me 4 long and hard years to see my dream of getting my Foundation "Buried with Dignity" up and running. May GOD BLESS each of you!!
Maryann, David, Rhonda, Shiela, Coleen, Sherrylynn * April 15th 2010 ~ To the many wonderful and loving people who donated to BWD to help these parents THANK YOU so very very much! GOD will Bless you beyond belief for reaching out to total strangers, so that TOGETHER WE can ALL Make a difference!!! OUR GOAL is to give these Parents closure and to give their child a burial with dignity and to let the WORLD KNOW that THEY MATTER!!!! These Children and their legacy will LIVE FOREVER within Buried with Dignity! WE LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU ANGELS!! Now rest OUR Children...rest and know that EACH ONE OF YOU are so so loved and missed!!!
Maryann, David, Rhonda, Shiela, Coleen, Sherrylynn * April 4, 2010 ...Well Happy Easter our Precious Angels Wow...time is passing by so fast. We are trying so hard to raise funds to help our Parents that are coming to us and asking for help. So again, whisper in GOD's ear and tell him to please help send the funds that we need!!! I often wonder if in heaven you are feasting on foods on Easter like we do down on earth? I guess I will have to wait to get up there with ya all to find out huh? A special hug to all of you and our newest little angel Mahkaylah Marie....watch over our children GOD ...until we can be together again. WE and your Parents love you all so very much!! Forever you shall be missed and this foundation will keep your Names alive and WE shall honor all of you children..
Tammyleigh * This is such a wonderful organization and I am so glad you have been able to get all the red tape cleared finally. May God watch over all of his newest angels and all of us. My prayers are with everyone. Many blessings, tammyleigh
Valerie jordan * My heart is so sad tonight for these families....and I will be praying....such beautiful children
Maryann & David * 2/8/2010 Happy Valentine's Day to my Directors, David, my husband and VP :) Of course and to all of these wonderful Angels that are the REASON Buried with Dignity exists...I WILL NEVER stop praising you children, I love each of you so much. I WILL keep my promise to all of you, and your NAMES WILL LIVE ON FOREVER. We ALL Miss you children so much!!! I look in your faces each night and I can actually see the face of GOD In all of your pictures. We have helped one family so far and 2 are Pending right now kids...isn't that WONDERFUL??? I know all of you are in heaven looking down and you are so Proud of what we are trying to do to help these Mom and Dads that are going to have to face what your Parents had to face...but this time it will be a little easier financially for these families because "Buried with Dignity" will be there for them in ALL OF YOUR NAMES CHILDREN!!! I am so proud of all of you....and you leaving will NOT BE IN VAIN!!! Good Night Kids...you are so loved, each of you and you are so missed. Maryann & David C. Happy Almost Valentine's Day to all of you sweethearts!!
Maryann C. * January 25th 2010 ~~ Well it is almost my 63rd Birthday!! Kids, I wrote to President Barrock Obama and I told him how very badly we needed some funds to help Buried with Dignity Survive. He must have more important things that are first in line for his attention. I asked him Kids, if he had a program that would help small businesses like Our Foundation...something I could apply for to get some funding in ....I never got an answer....I feel like such a failure right now I just can't tell anyone...Although I know that others will see this, I am really writing to the five of you children right now. Please ask GOD to help me kids...I am trying so very very hard to raise some money so that WE Never have to turn any parents away when they come to us for help. Please whisper in God's ear and let him know how discouraged I am getting. I must tell the five of you this...a friend of mine from Greedy or Needy has 3 precious Angels ...and each one of them donated their allowances to help us. How precious is this?? Thank you so very very much Gregory ~ Cherilyn ~ and Audrey for being so kind to just donate your allowances, I am so proud of the 3 of you Children and GOD is going to Bless the 3 of you so much for your caring about the families that have lost a child. I love all 3 of you for what you did to help Buried with Dignity and you have the most wonderful Mother in the world~~ So Cari Thank you and your children again for helping with donations!!! Please let them know that a little baby boy named Nicholas and his family were helped BECAUSE of them donating!!! Please tell them how much Nicholas's Family so appreciated the donation that we sent to the family so that Nicholas Hensley could be buried with dignity. So thank you again a Million times over! Also to Mom22 aka Julie for your donation to Buried with Dignity and also MorningGlory....what wonderful friends all of you are to take the time out of your lives and think about helping all of the many families that will be coming to us for help. Thank you my dear and precious friends!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!! Love Maryann & David, Rhonda, Sheila and Coleen
Maryann * Happy New Year Everyone ~ Jan 01, 2010 Well my little Angels...we are being faced with yet another year of asking people for help with donations. I went to the "Make a wish Foundation" and I asked for a wish to be granted for some funding....This is going to be a MIRACLE if they answer that wish because it will help us to help the Families that will be coming to us for help. So get ready BWD Family and put on your seat belts it is going to be one crazy ride this year I can FEEL IT!!!! GOD BLESS each family that lost a child last year. Comfort them Dear Lord and let them feel your protecting hands all around them...Amen P.S. We Love you Kids....and just whisper in GOD's ears ok? That we need help with donations~~~~ Good Night Precious Angels~~
Maryann, David, Rhonda, Shiela, Coleen, & Bob * ~December 24th 2009~ To Shiela, Rhonda, Toot, and AJ...as we come upon yet another Christmas Eve...Let me take this time to once again tell you how very sorry I am for your loss...but together we can change this pain for other parents and grandparents who lose a child! Merry Christmas Children...and as I promised you quite awhile ago...I will NEVER GIVE UP Until this Non Profit Foundation has come full circle...I will not Give up asking people to donate so that I never again have to refuse ANY PARENT the right to bury their child with dignity!! I had to turn away 2 parents this week because of LACK OF FUNDS and I give you my word this will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!! Please GOD touch people to help with donations so that these parents that are coming to us, can get the help that they need to bring closure in laying their children to rest in peace. Thank you GOD for the 3 children from GoN that donate their allowances each and every week to help us reach our goal of being able to help Parents and Grandparents with some funding!! Thank you for allowing me to come into your lives children, and make a difference and to let your Parents and Grandparents know "THAT SOMEBODY DOES CARE" and that "NO PARENT SHOULD HAVE TO BURY A CHILD" ....alone
Maryann C. * To the Mothers and Fathers of the Children we are Honoring and Never forgetting....To Sheila and Mike-Donavon's Parents, Rhonda (DreamyNo1- Shannon's Mom, To Kedan's Mom (TooT),To Crystal Dale's Mom - AJ....We want to say Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of the MANY MANY Parents who have sent their babies to be with GOD....We LOVE YOU ALL!!! These Children will NEVER EVER be forgotten!! Their lives were NOT IN VANE!!! As we approach this Holiday Season, I know that each of your hearts are breaking from missing these beautiful ANGELS of your's but know that WE are here, GOD is always near....and WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! GOD BLESS and again Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! 11-25-09 Maryann C. & David C.
John * Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.
Maryann Coberly * October 27, 2009 Dear AJ ...Momma OF Crystal Dale....This website is to HONOR the MEMORY of your precious Angel Crystal Dale, along with Donavon, Kedan, Shannon and Baby Hope my grandbaby. All of Our Children are with the Lord and yes AJ we shall see them again!! Their memory will live on FOREVER with Our Foundation "Buried with Dignity" AJ they were my driving force....all 5 of these Angels...God has asked me to do this in their Memory, so that NO OTHER PARENT or GRANDPARENT that loses a child will ever have to walk this road alone. Just knowing that we will be there to help each of them with some financial help so that they can bury their child with dignity. The Foundation is a NON PROFIT Foundation that took over 4 years to put together in all of these Children's Memory and Honor. Please help with any donation that you are able to afford, so that when this tragedy hits another home, we WILL be able to help them financially. WITHOUT your Donations we are nothing!! Together we can make a difference~~ and AJ I so love you my dear and precious friend. Keep the Faith Momma, your baby is in good hands. God Bless and I will always be here for you my precious friend!! Love ya Lots Maryann Coberly
A.J. Foran * Thank You so Much for putting these Children in your Prayers Yes we Lost Lost Crystal Dale on July 2007 in a Car Accident and it was VERY PAINFULL . the Pain wil never go away it does get a little easier but the Pain is still there Crystal LOVED The Lord she was able to go to Russia 2 times to do Gods Work Crystal was a Blessing to all of us. She was such a Beautiful Girl. and yes like a Lot of people say we DONT EVER think out Children go Home to our Lord before us. and when it happened we had NO Money to Bury Crystal we had to borrow my Brothers credit card to pay for every thing and still paying on it. it is very hard on us but the Lord is Great. and I know we wil se our Angel again One Day . Thank You for putting Our Babies Picture on here. I am sorry I havent written to you in so long I have just been trying to keep buzy. so any ways I just wanted to Thank You so Much Love A.J. Crystals Mama
Maryann * Thank you Kristina,Jan and Liz my 3 new Angels that God has Blessed BWD with! These 3 fantastic Ladies stepped up to the plate to help me, with ideas, with encouragement, and we are ALL planning different ways to raise some funds for BWD so the money will be there when the Parents or Grandparents reach out for financial help from our Non Profit Foundation Buried with Dignity. Thank you Ladies for your support, your love and friendship and more importantly for caring about these children and keeping their names alive. Thank you Ladies for caring enough to help Buried with Dignity raise some funds so that when this tragedy hits the next family, WE will be able to stand by that families side and help them. GOD BLESS each of you and anyone that has made a donation or is praying for BWD thank you so very much from all of US here at BWD. Maryann, David, Shiela, Rhonda and Coleen
Maryann * The Bible teaches us that we have not...because we ask not....well I am asking everyone to help our Non Profit Foundation with some kind of donation. We need the funds in order to be able to help these families that come to us when they lose a child!! Please find it in your hearts to give some donation whether it be small or big....each donation is so important...Don't you ALL SEE that WITHOUT your HELP WE are NOTHING??? Thank you for your prayers and thank you if you are able to help us by donating. Our website now has a shopping cart where all donations can now be accepted. Bless each of YOU and remember "TOGETHER WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE"... Maryann, David, Shiela, Rhonda, and Coleen
Kayatttow * Hi People How are you doing?
ALICE Y. SLOAN * Hi MaryAnne! I meet you on Saturday. Im the one that you and your sister says I favor Oprah and that's how we started to talking. It was very nice to meet you. I will be praying for all of the things that we spoke of. Your website is beautiful and I will do my best to help spread the word. GOD Bless, Alice
Maryann & David Coberly * Date August17, 2009 I am trying to put together a Fundraiser Reunion Dance with some of the people I grew up with in Port Reading, Sewaren, and Woodbridge area's This would be a great fundraiser to help us earn some money for the Foundation for all of you children and your parents! Please keep this in your prayers everyone. Most of all I miss the everyday guests on my website. Sheila and Mike the parents of Donavon Green, and Rhonda the Momma to Shannon and AJ the Momma to Crystal Dale...I pray that you are all doing well and healing....I am doing all of this in the Memory of your children and my grandbaby Hope!! Also Kedan, can you send a little nudge to your Momma to get in touch with me? lol...Thank you everyone who took the time to say something kind to these parents...they sure need your prayers and encouragement and GOD BLESS!!! Maryann C.
LnddMiles * Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Anyway Iíll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!
Maryann aka Spunky * Well you five little angels...it's that time to have another fundraiser for BWD so that we can help other families. Donavon, Shannon, Kedan, Crystal and baby Hope....we miss you so much and we love you so much! Be good up there for GOD ok? We shall see you soon enough one day, but until then know that I am working so hard to get this Foundation up and going in the right direction so "NO PARENT has to BURY their child alone ever again"!!!! Love from all of your Momma's and Grandmomma's too and Dads and Grandpops...we so miss all of you!!!
Bob Miller * Hi Maryann & David, It was truly a pleasure to met you both on Friday. Dave I spoke with Sheldon about your kind offer to help with our website he will be in contact. Maryann I would appreciate the name and phone # of the person that you mentioned that can do form the NON Profit org. status Thank you both for your support & God Bless Bob
Spunky aka Maryann * Donavon...Happy Birthday 4-19 Well we did it honey we did it for you as well as the other children... Mom and Dad are making it through one day at a time Donavon....I promised you I would not leave their side and I kept that promise!!! So that is MY birthday gift to you "D"....our very first fundraiser was on April 19th your birthday...and your Momma wrote in an e-mail to me "Spunk are you aware that Your first fundraiser is on Donavons Birthday" ...Amazing how GOD works "D" I knew it was in April but didn't know the exact date....Thanks God...you are so amazing....So Donavon...we ALL miss and Love you...See you soon one day!! Love MoM and DaD and Spunky and Dave and your grandparents and sister and brothers and ALL of YOUR FRIENDS!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Maryann Coberly * March 30th 2009...This message is to my grandbaby Hope, Donavon, Shannon, Crystal, and Kedan...God heard all of the many prayers for Our Non Profit Foundations Kids :) It took a few years for these prayers to be answered. We are going to have our very First Fundraiser Next Month!! We will be hosting a "Christian Youth Group" Pizza Night!! I know that you 5 would surely approve. Easter is just around the corner and as Our Lord has arisen to pave a way for all of you and us....Please rest children and fluff up your Angel Wings...because God has work for the 5 of you to do!! All of you are very much missed, remember that always. This Foundation "BuriedwithDignity" is in ALL of YOUR HONOR!! Hugs and Kisses....Maryann Coberly
Rhonda (Mom of Shannon) * My dear sweet Maryann, I just can't tell you how much this means to me and my family, that you are going to use my Shannon to help you to help other families that have gone thru these tragedies! Losing a child is so hard in so many ways. I will never be the same again since I lost my daughter. Then to have to worry about coming up with funeral costs, and headstones, at the same time! I can honestly say...You just can't do it alone! Especially at a time, when you can't even think for yourself! We are NEVER supposed to have to bury our children, they are supposed to bury us! Who thinks to buy life insurance on their 21 year old or younger child? I sure didn't. I know much better now, but it is too late to help my child and the other 3 that are listed on your site. But we can still be there to help other families, who unfortunately will end up in our shoes one day. God bless you Maryann! You have really taken what God has asked of you and made it a reality! You are such a wonderful lady whom I am so proud to call you my friend and actually my family now! Big huge hugs to you hon!! Rhonda *
Maryann or Spunky * Well Kids we did it! Today is December 18, 2008 and a organization called LifeUnchained.org is helping me start the Non Profit Foundation "BuriedwithDignity" and the attorney sent me INC papers too....so we are on the way you 5 little ANGELS....Your names will Live on FOREVER!!! THANK YOU GOD!!
Joan * God Bless These children. So beautiful and so young to die. I am so sorry for their Moms and Dads and brothers and sisters who had to go through their deaths. They are with God now and being watched over and loved with Gods touch.
Palmerscomputers * Very nice I can't wait to see it when it is completed... let me know if I can help... I am learning web design myself. Regards Jason
Lauren Starr * I Lost my son Jim and the biggest problem was getting the correct info from the county. I still would like to get the records corrected on cause of death. So many facts were incorrect. Items wrong - Last name, Height and weight, No mention of front teeth, no mention of birth mark, mentioned a birth mark he never had and inconsistant with tox/blood test results. Sorry for misspells
Shiela * Donavon is my son, he was 20 yrs. old when he was killed in a very bad auto accident with 5 other kids and an unborn baby 2 yrs. ago. I still cry myself to sleep as I tell him I love him and good nite. My life will never be the same. Maryann helped me soooooo much through the last 2 yrs. and is still helping. She has a heart of gold and for that she will be my dearest friend for life! Every parent that has to go through the pain of loosing their child should NOT have to worry about not having the finances to give them a resting place as we did when we lost our Donavon. Thanks for everything my sweet Mar! From our house to yours we all love you!!! Maryann your the best and anyone that has met you has to love you!!!!
Freeman * Jonny was here
Cooler111 * Hello good day
Freelove * Excellent work, Nice Design
Spunky * Well the date is now 8/10/08. This website started by helping a few friends from Pogo..."Casper", then We as a group helped "Grannywho", from there I saw a Mothers plea for help and for OUR PRAYERS...she lost her son "Donavon". You can read all about how He and 5 of his friends were in a deadly SUV crash. I will say this publicly, that I KNOW now that GOD let me FIND Donavon's Mother & Dad, Shiela and Mike. Because of the loss of their son & the 5 other children in that SUV Crash ....I was driven by GOD to start A Non-Profit Foundation Called "Buried with Dignity". Since Donavon passed away... 3 more of my very good friends lost a child as well. So this Foundation will be in MEMORY Of Donavon G., Crystal Dale F., Shannon L. and Kedan S., they are all with GOD now...in heaven. Rest in Peace Little Angels... Thank you all for helping with a donation and most of all for your PRAYERS...GOD BLESS ~*~*~ Spunky ~*~*~
Ronda L. McGuire * As a mommy I can share with you the feeling of loss, My heart goes out to you! I am so sorry for what you have had to face. There is only one thing that has helped me and the song on this message page by Third Day speaks it perfectly, "Cry out to Jesus!" Many hugs and prayers for you. Love Ronda
Anniekiwi * Way to go Hun, I am so proud of what you are trying to achieve and I am sure your wish will come true. Love always Annie xxx
Maryann Aka Spunky or Mspunky * Thank you EVERYONE for your Love and Support for what I am trying to accomplish with getting my Non-Profit Foundation to come Full Circle... The name will be "Buried with Dignity" and this will ONLY be POSSIBLE with everyone donating and praying for me as I complete this BLESSING. This organization will give MOMS, DADS and GRANDPARENTS a little help when they are in a financial situation where they cannot afford a Memorial Stone for their child that passed away. Please help Make this DREAM a REALITY and GOD BLESS YOU!